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The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) textbook regulations became mandatory July 2010.Approximately every 6 years, the United States Congress renews the Higher Education Act (HEA) exploring ways to improve the law. On August 14, 2008 the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 was signed into law and the textbook portion took effect July 2010. The National Association of College Stores (NACS) has put together a brief overview of the new HEOA law in regards to textbooks. The core theme of the new law is to empower consumers (students) with college cost information—including course materials. The intention of the textbook section of the new law is to give students access to affordable course materials by decreasing costs and enhancing transparency with respect to the selection, purchase, sale and use of course materials, as well as to encourage all parties (bookstores, faculty and publishers) to work together to identify ways to decrease the cost of college textbooks while supporting the academic freedom of faculty.

What is your responsibility as a KU faculty member?

Continue supplying the KU Bookstore with your textbook requirements for your class. We will take it from there. We will do our very best to have your course requirements available for your students at the best price possible and here on time. If you make a change PLEASE let us know so that change will be reflected on the website.


  • Summer Semester (June & July Sessions): April 1st
  • Fall Semester: May 1st
  • Spring Semester: October 15th

We appreciate your efforts to comply with these due dates. We will of course order textbooks no matter when a faculty member requests them, but submitting your requests by these dates facilitates buyback and used book ordering, and decreases the chance of ordering problems.


Why do I need to submit my textbook adoption so early?

On-time textbook adoptions have several advantages for you and your students:

  1. Eliminates problems ahead of time by verifying the availability of the book(s) and determines if a new edition has been released.
  2. If a book is out-of-print or out-of-stock, we have a longer period of time to secure used copies of the book. If we cannot locate enough copies we will inform you in advance so you have time to select a replacement title. You can check the availability of your book(s) by visiting the Books in Print database (See Researching Your Adoptions).
  3. On-time adoptions of out-of-print books may also be custom published (See Jayhawk Ink).
  4. Identifies publishers, such as overseas presses, that have unique situations that require importing which will take additional time to receive.
  5. Provides students with a greater selection of used books which saves students 25% off the publisher's new price.
  6. Increases the amount of money students receive in buyback at the end of the term, if the same books are used again.
  7. To prepare for the coming semester, the Bookstore must return any unsold books to the publishers that are not being used. If we know a book is being reused, we can reduce the costs associated with returning and then reordering books. This means more dollars returned to the campus.
  8. Packaged, bundled, custom publications and print-on-demand books can take up to eight weeks longer than a traditional book to arrive.

What if I have to submit an order after the deadlines?

We will always do our best to accommodate late orders for course materials.

What information do I need to include when I order books for my courses?

When submitting your textbook requisition, the information listed below would be of tremendous help to ensure that the correct book(s) are ordered for your class:

  1. Semester and Year
  2. Department
  3. Course #
  4. Instructor's name, phone number and email address
  5. Author and Title (if the book is a package, please include information about the components, and if those components are required or optional)
  6. ISBN number (13-digit or 10-digit will work)
  7. Indicate whether the book is Required or Optional
  8. Estimated enrollment for the course

What if I require non-text items such as supplies or software?

Simply include the information with your order and will relay the information to our Supplies Buyer. The easiest method may be to attach a copy of your syllabus so we have the same information your students will receive. We can provide just about any item for your students’ convenience.


Click Here to go to the online Textbook Requisition Form

Submit your textbook/course materials requisitions online:

We have a couple quick and easy methods for submitting your textbook information online...

  1. Faculty and administrators can access Verba, our online adoption platform, online. In the month(s) leading up to the next semester’s due date, we will be sending out several automated emails from this system, which will include a personalized link to all the courses you are assigned to instruct. Once you log on, you can add requisitions based on past course history or manually enter new book information and click “Submit.” You also have the ability to post notes and ask questions, which will be seen and answered by the Course Materials Buyer. Once online requisitions are submitted and approved, they are uploaded into our store ordering system at which point the information is updated on the KU Bookstore website. Once your adoption has been approved, you will receive an automated confirmation of the adoption. If you do not receive one of these automated emails and would like to use this service, contact the bookstore (textbook@ku.edu) and we can get you setup as a Submitter for the course.
  2. Textbook information can also be submitted by filling out a Textbook Requisition Form. Please complete all the necessary fields and once you click “Submit” your Requisition will be emailed to us directly at textbook@ku.edu. Once your adoption has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email confirming your information has been received. You should ALWAYS receive a confirmation of some sort. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact the Course Materials Buyer to ensure the Textbook Requisition Form was submitted properly.

Submit your textbook/course materials requisition by email:

As always, you are welcome to email us directly at textbook@ku.edu with your textbook information. Please be sure to include all the information listed in the Course Materials Information section. Also, be sure to "CC" your department administrative assistant.

Submit your textbook/course materials requisitions on-campus:

If you would prefer to submit your adoption on-campus, please fill out our Adoption Form. Once completed and signed, the form(s) can be returned via campus mail, dropped off in the bookstore, emailed to textbook@ku.edu or faxed to 785-864-1819 (ATTN: Textbook Buyer).


Custom Coursepacks

Planning on publishing your own coursepack, handout or lab manual? Jayhawk Ink, our print on demand service, will help produce your coursepack according to your specifications, with a range of paper, binding and cover options available. If you have questions regarding coursepacks, please contact our Custom Materials Specialist.

Out of Print Publications

Is the book you love out-of-print? You might not have to give up on it just yet. If you can supply an original, clean copy that can be scanned as a master, we can explore obtaining copyright permissions to duplicate the entire work or specific selections. Many works are pre-cleared by the Copyright Clearance Center, but not all. Please allow at least 4 weeks before you need to use the work for us to arrange all the necessary permissions.


What is a desk copy?

A desk copy is a complimentary textbook sent to the faculty member after it has been adopted for classroom use. To save yourself time, check with your department before requesting a desk copy from a publisher. The department may already own a complimentary copy of the book, which can be used as a desk copy.

How can I obtain a desk copy?

To obtain a desk copy of a title you have adopted for a course simply contact the publisher and submit your request. Some of the major textbook publishers allow you to log onto their website and submit your request directly online.

When requesting a desk copy, you will need to include the following information: ISBN, title of the textbook, title of the course, the term it will be used, the estimated enrollment, as well as your name and campus address. It is always a good idea to phone, email, fax, or mail your request at the same time you submit your textbook requisition. For your convenience, we have provided a Desk Copy Request Form, as well as the contact information of some larger publishing companies.


Aspen - Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Phone: 800-317-3113
Fax: 800-561-4845

Cambridge University Press
Phone: 800-872-7423
Fax: 845-353-4141

Cengage Learning
(Brooks/Cole - Course Technology - Delmar - Heinle - Schirmer - South-Western – Wadsworth)
Phone: 800-354-9706
Fax: 800-487-8488

Elsevier Health Sciences
(Mosby - Saunders)
Phone: 800-545-2522
Fax: 800-568-5186

Elsevier Science Technology
(Academic Press - Butterworth-Heinemann - CIMA - Gulf Professional - Morgan Kaufmann)
Phone: 800-545-2522
Fax: 800-535-9935

John Wiley & Sons
(Wiley Blackwell - Jossey Bass - Pfeiffer)
Phone: 800-225-5945
Fax: 732-302-2300

Phone: 800-833-9844

Macmillan Publishing
Phone: 888-330-8477
Fax: 800-672-2054

McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Phone: 800-338-3987
Fax: 614-755-5645

Oxford University Press
Phone: 800-445-9714
Fax: 919-677-1303

Pearson Education
(Prentice Hall - Allyn & Bacon - Addison Wesley/Benjamin Cummings)
Phone: 800-922-0579
Fax: 800-445-6991

West Publishing Co.
Phone: 800-328-2209
Fax: 651-687-6857

W.W. Norton & Co.
Phone: 800-233-4830
Fax: 800-458-6515


Books in Print

Just because your book is listed on Amazon, does not necessarily mean that it is still in print or is available for the bookstore to provide. For this reason, we recommend that you research your textbooks through Books in Print before submitting your Textbook Requisition. To gain access to this website, simply obtain the username and password from your department administrator or by emailing us at textbook@ku.edu.

Books in Print is a textbook database which provides you with details about your book, including its availability and whether it is active, out of print or out of stock indefinitely. Active Records indicate that the book is in print and readily available. Out of Print specifies that the book is no longer being printed and might be challenging for the bookstore to provide. Out of Stock Indefinitely generally means that the book is out of stock with the publisher because of either a new pending edition or reprint authorization, and may be available in the future; however, this particular status is treated as out of print because of the overall uncertainty of the availability.

Click the Books in Print Button (below) to view some examples of the login process and what to look for while researching your adoptions. When searching your textbook, the quickest way to access the book file is to search by ISBN. Once your textbook is found and displayed, click the title to view all the book details. This is where you will see the availability status of the book in question.


James Rourke: Assistant Director

Kylee Clendenen: Course Materials Buyer

Michael Engel: Assistant Course Materials Buyer/Trade Buyer

Rachel Barnes: Jayhawk Ink - Custom Materials Specialist